Активация «Жизнь на Земле в правильном месте» (версия на английском).

So, this is the fourth Activation of this series, of this cycle. And its name and the subject today will find a response in the soul of everybody present here. It is «Living on the Earth in your right place and creating your dream house and space». Of course, many people dream of that, either express or implied. Some make their dreams true, move in this direction. Some regard this as out of reach projects . Still, you know, no matter what people think or feel, the Earth itself has its own life project. And we are going to talk about this project today. Today the structure of our work is like this: I will tell you what the Divine Project of the New Earth is like, what is the dream the Earth for mankind and how you can enter it. Further on, we will cover the reasons: the reasons why you cannot enter this Project or you do not exist in it. And we will go through those deviations, which lead to, or, rather, I will tell about those deviations, and you will tune in to them and realize which deviations resonate in your life. So, these will be those deviations, to be more accurate, I will tell about those deviations, which do not let you stand in your right place or possess it, do not let you move to that very region which resonates with you.

Such deviations … there are a lot of problems with this, I’d say. And everything I am going to speak about is also the subject of my research. This is the info received due to my life experience, experience of other people. And all this is packed into a complete lecture course. Naturally, as it was in previous activations, we will go into regressions after covering some theory. And in this regression we will tune in to the New Project of the Earth. And the first part of today’s regression will be of progression type. Those who are willing to know what is a progression, what is travelling along future time lines, you’ ll have a unique possibility to try it today. This is a phenomenon of high frequency, these are very original true energies of the Source, the energies of the Earth’s New Consciousness, the energies of its Divine Project. And today we are going to tune in to them. For you to understand where to live, which place on the Earth is most suitable for you and what to do there, first you should tune in to your present existence as well as to the consciousness of the Earth itself. And when these two tunings are correctly done, you are able to know and understand what exactly you should do on the Earth, which place to live in and what your house is like. All these things we will do in the first part of our tuning. Besides, we have the second part of our work, where we will neutralize the influences you still suffer from. And which do not let you bring into being those things, which should be manifested as your dream house and your dream space. So we’ve got such work ahead of us.

I check your questions, and we go on. The intention of Svetlana for this meditation is to gather Human-Creators, like-minded people in communities. Julia asks how to feel whether I live in the right place or not. Actually, we will study that. I will tell about this, we will watch that in the regression. And I guess by the end of our practice it will be quite clear for you: whether you live in the right place or not. So, we continue. I start with the very beginning that nowadays the Earth has its Project as Consciousness of the Planet. And it is called the Project of the New Earth for New Mankind. This Project is included into Oneness energies. Today we will tune in to these Oneness energies. Not many people can enter it, but many are invited. Today you should remember your tunings in order to enter the Divine Project of the Earth. What is there in this Divine Plan? There is a place, a unique place for each person. When we say that each human should have his place on the Earth, that every person has a right to it, we mean Human — Creators. Who are rather conscious: they are conscious of who they are, why they are here and what things they manifest here. If a person isn’t still aware of that, seeks for better life: say — better ecology, more prestigious region. Today I do not speak about such kind of people. These people refer to the Old Consensus, who just search for a better place to satisfy their personal needs. We will speak today about a Path of Purpose. And the Divine Plan (Project) of the Earth for New Mankind includes such conscious Human-Creators. Naturally, such kind of people will come to our meditation-practice. Those, who have gathered here, possess this Consciousness and belong to Humans-Creators. That is why today we will take this ascending Energy of Consciousness. When a person realizes that in order to manifest his life tasks it is necessary to live in the right place. So, in the New Plan of the Earth such place exists for any person. In other words, your personal, individual place has been prepared for you, your personal space. We saw and recognized such spaces. First it was my inner information, that is I have inner knowledge about that. I tune in to the Earth Consciousness, and I understand that in its New Plan the Earth has prepared a unique place for each human. But it is not like this: here is a location for you, come and stay here. It is not quite so. Since a man should demonstrate his creativity and his energies at this unique place, then something new and marvelous will spring up in collaboration with the Earth.

I guess that any Human-Creator is ready for that. And everybody can and wants to do this. Thus, in our regressions and due to my inner information (by the way, regressions were in the form of progressions as we passed along future time lines). So, each person who came with a request regarding their further future life, we saw quite a unique place for such person. And you know, I can confirm that not every human lives in a community. Nowadays it is trendy to speak about close communities, that all the people should unite in communities. But for example, as for myself I know that our place will be not in the community. I know how my house is situated, I saw it from a bird’s eye view many times, I was inside it many times. And I have seen and know all and everything. Actually, even the name of the country was shown to me. So, as for communities, I should say that it does not answer the purpose of everybody. Today you will see whether it is suitable for you to live in a community or somewhere where you have neighbours at a big distance from you. Since every Human-Creator needs his unique space. And whether it is a community or not, it depends upon the tasks, the goal, which that man manifests here.

There are different types of Creators. For instance, there are Humans-Creators who should travel at the present moment of evolution, their task is to move on at different regions and live in different houses. And the Earth supports them by all means. As when they move and live at different places, they anchor the new energy there. When they settle at a new place, due to their subtle fields and their presence, a new flow is settled. And such people harmonize any space. I have conducted some investigations on this subject and came to the conclusion, that this is quite voluntary. So, you may feel that you are a person of this type, who travels, moves from one region to another and harmonizes the regions in this way. I should stress that it is work, and it may not be easy. So you may feel that you are already in this process and realize that your soul wants to try the experience of gaining a permanent house at some place, Your house. Of course, you may continue travelling; still there is your own place where you can create everything in accordance with your vibrations. The purpose of a house is to spread your energies, anchor them there. So, if you are such type of a traveler, still you feel that you want to enter into the experience of grounding, obtaining your own house, your own place where you want to manage everything to your own taste, then you can express an intention for that.

There is no need of travelling and anchoring new energies all the time because it’s up to one’s own choice. For instance, if you choose to anchor, to obtain some permanent place, than another Human-Creator will take on this mantle of moving-travelling. In Oneness the roles can redistribute, there is nothing definite once-for-all-time. We should align ourselves with goals and tasks of our souls. If you tune in and feel them, if you know what you should do in this life, than it’s much easier to understand which place to live at. Why? Firstly, because a place for living is the reflection of your vibrations. Secondly, it encourages you in every way possible to manifest your undertaking and your destiny. This is the purpose of a living place in the New Consensus. How a place for living is chosen in the Old Consensus? They want the view to be more beautiful, the infrastructure developed, kinder gardens and schools nearby, everything to be comfortable, stable, so that a person could live relaxed and satisfied. Or some elite districts are chosen. All that is the idea of the Old Consensus. And we won’t take these needs into consideration. We should take into account the needs of you as an Ascending Human in the New Times. Being an Ascending Human in the New Times you can not neglect the fact that you need your unique place. As many of you have already noticed that (many of you are in search, some were travelling and searching their houses and places of living). So many could see and notice that not any place was suitable for you. Let’s say, by coming to some place of nature with pure ecology or building a house or joining a community or a settlement, you expect everything to be fine.

The experience of those, who have already tried this, shows this is not the case. It appears that every soul has its own conception of this place as I’ve mentioned in the beginning: some should live in communities and some should live isolated, meeting people from time to time, because it depends upon your goals and tasks. Now you please do not get tensed, thinking over the place you need. We will watch it in the regression. Since such questions are being contemplated in a deeper state of mind. Now I give you the info of which choices can be. Your place on the Earth must support you and vice versa. In other words, a Human Creator is committed to his place and creates it, he expands the vibrations of this place by his vibrations and his presence. You know, we went into regressions and tuned in to this Divine Project of the New Earth, it appears that you can go to any part of the world. In other words, if you were born in Russia, it is not necessary to live here. You can find a place of living in any other country. As your soul emanation can have higher, more powerful tones, than those places where you live now. Actually, if we watch the ascending and descending flows in the regions of the Earth, then I can state that pure ascending flows are not so many, and these are mainly mountain regions, seaside regions, сoastal areas, which are not densely populated. And regrettably, I cannot refer this to Russia, because in Russia the energy is rather heavy, rather dirty both in towns and at sea shores. There is still very heavy consciousness there. And ascending people find it difficult to stay there.

That is why it can be not easy for you to find a place of living. Even if you settle in some district of the Krasnodar region,than it will take your many efforts to clean this place. Possibly, this is your soul destination, possibly, you’ll manage this. The question is how you will do it. Today we will see in the regression whether you need this. These different options exist. But that is not the case. If only it were so simple (that is you understand that I have either this or that alternative, the main thing is that the road is open (clear), Mother Earth supports), then you would obtain and you would be in the process. If you were destined to come to some place and clean its energy, then you would have already done that. Still, I can say that the next important point is that very few Human-Creators have set themselves to this plan. The situation is like that: Either people are still living in the places, which do not satisfy them, and they do not create anything new there, they have not even settled in anywhere; Or they are in search, they move from one place to another, try to search on the internet, still are not successful in that.

If we look upon the Earth and watch whether people live at their right places on a global scale, then we will see that nowadays Human-Creators are out of their places, they stay at very strange places. I’d say that very many Human-Creators do not live in appropriate places, in their right life spaces. The current state of things is like that nowadays. Till Human-Creators do not live in their own life spaces, in their suitable places, this New Community, the New Consensus we speak about, cannot be organized. As I’ve already mentioned that our place is very important, it helps a man to discover his destiny fully so that his soul and body could feel joy. Before that a Human-Creator is not full-blown, his wings are not wide-open, he cannot create at full capacity. He does not have this heart-to-heart, home-felt and joyful connection with the Earth, because at his current place of living, it cannot reveal itself anyhow, it is not his place, it does not resonate with him.

The current state of things is like that nowadays. And it appears to be like that due to those reasons, which we were examining in the three previous activations: the places of Human-Creators are literally occupied by others. And here a new subject arises. Who are these others? And why do they live at those places which are not intended for them? There are a few reasons why Human-Creators do not occupy their life places and cannot build their dream houses. I will mention these three reasons now. The first reason has the least influence. May be it will be surprising for you. The first reason is karmic. And it has the least percentage. Your karma affects you least of all. It may be astonishing for you, still it’s true. What is karma? Karma is spiritual lessons, which should be recognized, forgiven, and we must move on. At present we live in times of completion, so the total karma can be nullified, if a person wishes to put an end to that. As at present everything is being gathered into oneness, returns back home. And every Human-Creator, who understands this, can do it easily. As in general, you are able to recognize and learn your spiritual lessons, I cannot say that it is very easy, still you can meet this challenge. It’s satisfying to work with your own karma lesson learned, you get an energy boost and your soul parts back to you. You move on.

It is not difficult to work with one’s own karma, where there’s a will, there is a way. The matter is that (and this is reason 2) that many Human-Creators deal with alien karmic stories, that is they live in places, which are not their life spaces in accordance with any karmic records. In reality they play to someone’s script, they do not live their karma. This is reason number 2. While Human-Creators were deprived of life resources, they were given something extraneous — extraneous life scripts and extraneous life places. This reason exists and we will watch it. A man lives at another place, at the place of another person, with whom he has exchanged once. In fact, a Human-Creator gave him his dream about a new life on the Earth. Any Human-Creator possesses such dream in one form or another. He has got a dream as well as memories and knowledge how to perform that. Due to the fact that Human-Creators are people of a big heart and a broad soul, ready to share their love, knowledge, light (I see this process, once I was in it too). So, once these Human-Creators used to spread this knowledge to their associates, for example, a few years ago. The info of your dream space, which you wanted to manifest, transferred to these associates. And this dream moved over to another man. Another man is already living at this dream place, at your place, and you find yourself at this person’s place.

There so many similar stories, they refer to point number 2. Further on, point 3, why a person does not live at his place: this is his ancestral impact. As always, we have descending ancestral lines, which affect a lot. If you have not emerged from the influence of ancestral branches in this life aspect. And let me remind you that certain work on separation from descending flows as well as from ancestral branches was done by us in the first activation. Ancestral lines can hold you at that place, which is advantageous for them. Supposing that you should live somewhere in New Zealand according to your soul constitution. Or somewhere in Central Europe because you have a certain vibration. You see, your vibration contains ascending flow, it has pure energy. And you have to do nothing in this rubbish, where you are staying now. Still you are there. Why? Because your earthly family grabbed a hold of you tightly with its roots and branches, it ties you up. If you leave all of a sudden, if you leave your motherland, they will have nothing to feed on, this supply of permanent energy flow will be shut off. They find it advantageous to have you nearby. Even if you live in another city. If you expect that you will be fine by moving to another city, you may be mistaken.

As your life place may be not in another city, your place may be in another country or even continent. You will not reach it until your family tries to hold you nearby. You may not be in touch with your mums and dads by phone or this intercommunication can be minimal. Still, if you have connections in interspace, attached ancestral networks, the family may keep hold of you. In most regressions regarding this aspect I saw that it was the ancestral influence, which did not let go, I mean descending branches, I do not speak about ascending ancestral branches. As for ascending ones, it’s just the other way round. They want you to find your dream space in the ascending flow. Thus, the earthly family is one more reason. Further on, there is next reason number three, which creates a non-resonating life space for you. And this reason lies in the fact that once you delegated your right. You, as a Human-Creator have a legal right, a legal divine right to live in that place, which resonates with you. It is similar to having fitting clothes or matching hair color. Can you understand this? It is yours, yours in your own right! And a life place is also yours in your own right. But once a Human-Creator was deprived of these rights.

And it was done so cunningly and covertly, that very few people start to recognize that the right to have one’s own life place is similar to the right to live in one’s own body, to be free. This right was delegated to Anu descendants. I have told you who were Anu in the first, second and third activations. I won’t repeat myself here again. I can say that these are those decision-makers, who retain power, stand at pyramid tops, who think of themselves as blue-blooded. These can be both present people in power and their descendants, who do not present themselves like that, still include this vibration. They possess this genetics and this inheritance. You could meet Anu descendants personally or never meet them. How did this delegation of the right happen? This delegation occurred when you incarnated in this earthly family. In any family there is some influence of any Anu descendant. There are Ascending Ancestors and there are Anu descendants who once came and took all the family strength. That is why family lines fell in consciousness because all their knowledge and skills were seized by Anu for their better life. You could never meet these Anu or know about them, still such Any stands in every family root. And when a luminous Human-Creator gets incarnated, then he instantly becomes visible for Anu. They can exist at a non-physical level. All his resources, all his treasures (and his energy is tasty, shining, the energy of the Source), everything that he possesses, can be delegated. Your place of living can also be there. It is being delegated at the energy level. And at the physical level an Anu descendant may live there. You may not know this person. Still, you come in contact with each other through family branches. So, this is one more reason. And at last I will name one more reason, the fourth and the last, based on my research.

It lies in the fact that your life space is occupied by non-souls. It is a very interesting subject. And I guess very few people studied that from that point of view. But I saw it in many regressions and I saw it in the story of my life. Due to the fact that I live my own life and learn it by experience, I cannot shy away from that aspect, but go through it. Who are non-souls? Non-souls are certain creatures, which were not planned by Sources, by Tao for living in any physical incarnation. These creatures were allocated a different role. If we watch the moment when souls left their Sources and Tao, we’ll see that there were different soul types. From the perspective of Tao that is natural: there are souls-creators, these were souls-creators, who create and which were intended for living some physical experience. That is to enter the Life, experience its various aspects and then find a way back home. Since souls-creators possess the knowledge, the light copy, the golographic knowledge of how to return home without getting lost in the experiences of the creation. There are souls-angels, they are assistants of Creators and they are assistants in anything: for Creators, for Animals’ Dimension , for Plants’ Dimension and Planets’ Dimension. Angels know how to weave energy nets, but angels do not know how to come back home. And we also have the category of souls-snakes, which were not intended for incarnations, they were intended for caging of interspace, in other words intended to sustain density between creations. Each creation is like a Central Sun, the creations were in Central Suns; life is being developed there, there is interspace between Central Suns, which is sustained by souls-snakes. Once souls-snakes were invited to the life dance, they were invited (as I guess and saw) by Creators, who breathed life into them. And these souls-snakes, we can call them non-souls because they have no idea of love, compassion, they cannot feel pain, pain of another. That is why they wish to have fun, to be on easy street.

They have come and said: » Wow, how cool it is here! We will live this life to the fullest!» And these souls, they do harm, still they are not conscious of that. As their role plotted out in Tao was quite different. Such a non-soul put on human shape. And the Central Sun, Tao and the Sources have never given any resources for it, any energy for its physical incarnation. You know, any soul is given a resource, energy to come into the physical world and reveal everything that is needed for physical life, including the place of house and life. Non-souls were not given such a resource, still there is fairly large number of non-souls now. It looks the same as a human being incarnated without being planned. It looks similar. Let me remind that non-souls were invited by creators. If you discover such non-souls at your life spaces or your life spaces are occupied by other people, you should understand that once it was your decision. There is nobody to blame, we should recognize that dance. At the present moment of holographic retract, completion of the cycle these non-souls should come back to their sources, to their original creations and fall into their places. We should construct such intention today. I saw a lot of souls-snakes on the Earth nowadays.

These are people who just want to consume, to live a gilded life. They do not have any project of here. They have a desire to live pampered lives. Your place may be occupied by such a non-soul somehow. Perhaps, you met them. Perhaps, this twin — non-soul goes along with you, once you gave it this opportunity to live. It appears that you do not live your life, yet it lives your life. Besides, when a Human-Creator invites such a nonsoul to incarnate, then he gives it his life project. And he finds himself being thrown out from life. He will live a non-life. It will not be universal, though. Otherwise you would not live at all. It will be a repeating feeling that you do not live your own life, you are staying in a place where you should not stay. That you do not feel the taste, the fragrance, the joy of life. As you watch life, you stand behind some glass wall and cannot touch this life. It can be a signal for you that a non-soul entered the dance and it lives the taste, the fragrance, the colour of what YOU should experience. In particular, it occupies your life space, that is it lives in the dream house, which you wanted to create for yourself. I saw such developments too. You should not feel scared of that. You should recognize it, understand that such dances were playing out in the creation. Yes, such people live on the Earth, yes, they just consume. Once we opened the floodgates to that. We have to do nothing but to bring that to an end, to forgive that. In the same way that once you happened to give them the experience of life, now you should express the intention to complete these experiences. Summing up, nowadays everybody should stand in their own place.

This is our recognition, our vision, the expression that everything should return to its place, everybody should come back to his place, both souls and non-souls, every creature should occupy its own place in our oneness. And everybody should occupy his own place on the planet Earth. Today our work will be carried out, based on Oneness Plan. We will explicate this Plan, will stand in it and you will see, which place is yours and where you are situated now. You see, in Oneness everything is balanced, nobody is forgotten or thrown out or lost. There is space for everybody — for a soul, for a non-soul, for souls-snakes, souls-angels and creators. These terms I list are a formality, don’t get too attached to them, this is just an emanation category of existing souls. Thus, in Oneness there is a certain place for everybody, everything is in harmony, everything is important. I was asked how to understand this, how to come close to that, to understand what is Oneness. For you to recognize and understand, Oneness is a state of existence where there is a place for everybody, there are resources for everybody, there is a unique destiny for everybody, where nobody snaps at each other’s heels, where nobody grabs life force, chi. To each his own. And where everybody is supported by Oneness, and where Oneness supports everybody. This is pervasive climate of harmony, mutual aid and mutual balance. And this Oneness possesses powerful energy resources. This is just the state we should enter. I want to mention one more important point.

When you do not live at your place, you may have a feeling… When we watch a Human-Creator living at a wrong place, we can compare him with a god (goddess) in exile. This is how I describe this energy: a god (a goddess) in exile. Since a HumanCreator possesses powerful luminous energy, actually he is a god (or she is a goddess) in form, especially if he recognizes himself like that. And when he is not at an appropriate place, and does not fulfill himself, it really looks like he is in exile. If you have such a feeling, it may be an indication that you have delegated your life dream to somebody. If you feel as though in exile, it may very well be the case. That your dream of your life space is possessed by somebody and you do not live your scenario, your dream. The substitution of dream, the substitution of our life spaces are real, it really happened. Since life spaces of Human-Creators are very cool! And many wish to live there. That is why such substitutions took place. I can also say that those non-souls, which occupy the places of Human-Creators (for example some creature lives at your place), they live a very good life! Everything is in abundance, because at the place intended for a Human-Creator, there is an appropriate flow, appropriate conditions, a lot of Light, Dream and Realizations. These times of so to say, the thefts from Human-Creators, come to an end. And they come to an end due to our efforts. Since the present state of affairs is of no benefit to anybody. These non-souls, which occupy the place of a Human-Creator with great energy resources, do not use these resources for any public weal or goal. They just take and consume them. It is similar to the situation, when a son got his dad’s inheritance: Father was making efforts to enrich it for his whole life, and the son just piddled it away. the tasks of Human-Creators and non-souls are quite different. As for the information block, that is all. I described all the reasons, which do not allow you to have your dream space. And some reasons resonated with you. It will be clearer for you in the regression, which we are going into.


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